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Food & Drink

Michelin star food, global brands and unique artisan products inspired by our land

Northumberland is home to global brands & household names who grow, manufacture and create some of the finest products in the country.


Food and drink plays a vital part in the modern Northumberland economy, with global brands like Coca-Cola and Fentimans and long-established local firms such as Simpsons Malt and Silvery Tweed operating in the county.

Northumberland has an established and growing food and drink production cluster. Food and drink manufacturers and producers recognise the strength of the talent pool across the area and the relatively low operational costs. Through its excellent road, rail and port infrastructure means moving products easily and efficiently from production source to locations across the world. Companies such as Sweetdreams, Polar Krush and Sugarfayre all call Northumberland home.

A significant producer of food goods through natural assets and farming pedigree, the County is leading the way in niche products being exported all of the world. Rural Northumberland is capitalising on growing demands for distinctive, high quality, locally-sourced food: Culpitt and Silvery Tweed are examples of successful niche producers and products like Craster Kippers and Lindisfarne Oysters have an international reputation.

Check these stats out


Of Earl Grey Tea - brewed specifically for the water of Northumberland at Howick Hall


and growing plant based food market


Of jobs in Advanced Manufacturing come from the automotive, life sciences and food & drink sector making them the largest sector in terms of jobs


Ad Gefrin Whisky Distillery that opened in 2023


Fentiman's have the best selling premium ginger beer in the UK


Bags of Sweetdreams Choc Nibbles are sold each year

“Northumberland's combination of natural beauty, heritage, tourism, supportive community, affordability, and proximity to cities make it an attractive location for businesses seeking a unique and advantageous setting. Sweetdreams continues to place Northumberland firmly on the map as a hub to drive the future of confectionery manufacturing driving investment into the business, into creating a skilled workforce and into the local community.”

Matthew Stephenson
Sweetdreams - Managing Director

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