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Trailblazers in Electrification - world class investment sites with high power potential

Northumberland has strong roots in electrification, home to the first house to be powered by hydroelectricity in Cragside by Lord William Armstrong in 1878.

electrification in Northumberland

Located on Northumberland Energy Park Phase 1, is the site of JDR Cables new subsea cable manufacturing facility which will produce vital technology for the offshore wind market. The 69,000sqm facility will support the world to electrify its power supply, relying less on carbon intensive fossil fuels and harnessing the power of the wind, producing green renewable energy. 

This pioneering build sits on the site of the former Blyth Power Station, once the largest electricity generation site in England. Northumberland has a long history and rich industrial heritage, where the nearby town of Ashington was once the ‘world’s largest coal-mining village’ employing 5,500 people at its peak. From coal power to cable power, Northumberland offers investors a location with experienced workforce, prime development land opportunities and unrivalled experience across the energy sector.  

A connected partnership

Phase 2 of Northumberland Energy Park is the home of the North Sea Link Interconnector, a 720km subsea cable connecting the electricity systems of the UK and Norway. The interconnector provides opportunities for the use of shared renewable energy, increases the security of electricity suppliers for both countries and provides additional transmission capacity for power to be traded between both countries. The longest subsea cable in the world allows the sharing of hydro power from Norway and wind power generated in the UK. 

Battery testing

Gigafactory and automotive opportunities

Northumberland Energy Park and the surrounding areas offer opportunities for large scale gigafactory and automotive investments. With an abundance of power available, a deep water port, highly connected rail and road infrastructure plus a nearby skilled workforce, the county is able to provide a prime location for investments seeking large areas of land with high power potential. Located under 20 miles (30 minutes) from Nissan and AESC in Sunderland, the North East of England offers investors prime land development opportunities in a vibrant automotive and electrification cluster. 

Automotive industry developments

The North East is unique in that it has a rapidly growing battery ecosystem from actual mineral mining, processing, cell, pack and vehicle manufacture to second life use of batteries and recycling. The region also host the only regional office of the Faraday Institution and an academic cluster including business and the public sector known as the North East Battery Alliance (NEBA).

The North East is proven to be a successful location for the automotive industry with OEM and component companies including Nissan, Cummins, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Turntide Technologies, Sietta, Marelli and Gestamp Talent accounting for one third of the UK’s total car production and employing almost 23,000 people. The opportunities to supply into a thriving market, which is seeing growth in the region year on year, offers investors an opportunity to be part of a thriving sector in the electrification of vehicles



Cost saving when hiring an automotive engineer compared to Greater London


The UK's first Offshore Wind Farm


North East Automotive Alliance is industry led and supports growth of the market


Extensive support can be found at Driving the Electric Revolution (DER), North East Battery Alliance (NEBA) and Faraday Institute North East.


Extensive grid capabilities at Northumberland Energy Park


Of Charles Merz who was heavily influential in the creation of the National Grid


The first house powered by hydroelectricity

“We were attracted by the opportunities to grow a training company in a County that is spearheading electrification technologies and supporting the development of green skills. It also helps that it’s a beautiful place and a wonderful part of the world.”

James Sampson
Director, REVAMP Training

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