The quality of life in Northumberland is unrivalled in the UK. It is a great place for business, and a wonderful place to live.

We can offer you a rewarding quality lifestyle without compromising on your business aspirations:

  • An excellent quality of life
  • A huge choice of attractive housing types and locations
  • Excellent schools, colleges and higher education
  • Attractive towns and villages
  • A superb coastline, much of which is designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty
  • The remote and unspoiled Northumberland National Park
  • A remarkable history and built heritage, including Hadrian’s Wall, Alnwick Castle and the historic walled town of Berwick-upon-Tweed
  • Unmatched outdoor recreation including sailing, salmon fishing, mountain biking, walking and golf.

Beauty, History and Heritage

The unique natural beauty of Northumberland plays a significant part in shaping the landscape and attracts millions of visitors every year. The Northumberland coastline is mainly unspoiled, thanks to historical and wildlife protections sites and have won awards for its beauty, most recently Bamburgh winning top seaside town in 2021 and 2022.

In addition to the shoreline, central Northumberland is home to the Dark Skies, a natural beauty spot with low light pollution. Visitors come from across the UK and beyond for stargazing events in the protected area, covering 572 square miles. Visitors can see bright stars across the sky most nights with the Milky Way appearing on moonless nights. As well as the natural beauty, there is a rich heritage. From Roman forts, historical castles and Hadrian’s Wall, the whole county is seeped in a rich history.

Northumberland Connections

As part of Advance Northumberland’s portfolio, Ascent Homes are our house building and development company. Their aim is to build high quality houses in Northumberland’s best locations. Ascent Homes have developments throughout the County, including top business locations including Blyth quayside, Alnwick and more.

In addition to this, Advance Northumberland Homes are also a private residential landlord, with properties throughout Northumberland.

The transport links throughout Northumberland are excellent, with Newcastle International Airport nearby and trains running through to London and Scotland.