Northumberland offers a unique market opportunity for agri-tech and forestry supply chain growth



Northumberland has a growing base of hi-tech companies providing agri-tech services to land based industries including forestry and land management. These range from software companies to robotics and agri-drones.

The scale of agricultural activity in Northumberland and the North East region is opening up commercial opportunities throughout the agri-tech supply chain, particularly with precision agriculture.

Northumberland’s strengths in livestock farming, cereals, permanent grasslands as well as other uses; is encouraging the uptake of precision technologies. These monitor and enable more informed decisions on land and livestock management. This includes technologies such as: robotics; drones; farm management solutions and Variable Rate Technologies.

Our natural assets also extends to Northumberland exceptional forestry sector cluster with companies ranging from forestry management services to saw mills; representing diverse opportunities for supply chain companies.

Similarly to precision agriculture, precision forestry is enabled by a wide range of new technologies, such as drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, laser scanning (Lidar) and soil sensors. Smart technologies are increasingly being used in sawmills. These include laser and sensor technologies used to monitor timber grade to ensure quality in order to obtain the most cost effective cuts. The Internet of Things is being used to provide connectivity between different processes, machines, maintenance and safety.