Access:Northumberland is a soft-landing support service delivered by Advance Northumberland Business. It provides dedicated support to accelerate new investment and growth from international companies who are setting up new operations in Northumberland.

The Access:Northumberland service provides clients with an extensive package of business and practical support for international companies looking to set up for the first time in the UK, with a North-East base. The service provides an easy way for companies interested in the area to build your understanding and explore opportunities in Northumberland with limited risk to their business. Qualified and experienced professionals are on hand to provide a dedicated and tailored service to help businesses establish their operations quickly and effectively.

This includes access to:

  • Legal support to assist in the setup of your operations
  • Discounted access to office space at all of our Advance Northumberland Workspace
  • Accountancy and tax advice to support your investment
  • Recruitment information and support to get the right candidates
  • Access to specialist network memberships including Make UK, NEPIC or NOF Energy (to the value of £1,000)
  • Support for identifying premises within Northumberland

If you are looking to invest in Northumberland for the first time and would interested in exploring how Access:Northumberland service could benefit your businesses, please get in touch using the form below: